Best Types of CCTV Cameras

We live in a world of advanced technologies. Because of this, multiple companies have come up constructing different types of CCTV cameras. Since there are various companies, the market is crowded hence getting the best CCTV camera types that will serve you to your satisfaction becoming challenging. Therefore, we have decided to select the best types of CCTV cameras for you to choose the brand features that will serve you satisfactorily.

  1. Dome CCTV Cameras

These types of CCTV cameras have dome-shaped casing hence the name dome cameras. Dome CCTV cameras are general discreet in appearance. Due to these CCTV cameras discreetness brought by the dome casing, they will help deter any criminal activities since people have difficulties seeing the direction they are pointing, which creates uncertainty for thieves approaching from all direction. Additionally, Dome CCTV cameras are suitable for restaurants, casinos, hotels and shops. The Dome camera is easy to install thanks to its discreet design. You can also use these cameras both indoors and outdoors. Finally, Dome cameras can rotate for up to 360 degrees; hence they will cove wider and angles. (

  1. Bullet CCTV cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras have their casing constructed from materials that are resistant to water, dirt and dust. Because of the dust, dirt and water-resistant materials used in its construction, bullet CCTV cameras are suitable for outdoors. Additionally, bullet CCTV cameras have a cylindrical shape and are highly visible. These cameras are ideal for observing long distances, making them ideal for use in industries such as farming, property management and manufacturing. Since they are highly visible, bullet CCTV cameras will help in deterring any criminal activities. (

  1. C-Mount CCTV cameras

If you wish to adapt to the vision field, then C-Mount CCTV cameras are the ideal option for you. These cameras feature detachable lenses which you can easily switch to monitor varying distances. Additionally, you can fit special lenses to these cameras if you want to use them to view a range of more than 40 feet. Due to these cameras highly visible appearance, they will help keep off criminals. Further, C-Mount CCTV cameras feature rugged casing which will help in protecting the camera when installed in cold areas. You can also install these cameras outdoors thanks to the weatherproof materials used in its casing. (

  1. Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras are suitable for using pitch-black conditions thanks to the infrared technology used in their construction. Because of the night vision in these cameras, you can use them to record things in the dark and at night. Additionally, the CCTV camera features an infrared cut filter which activates during the day or when you turn lights on for clear images. You can also use Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras to capture images when there are fog, smoke and dust in the place. These cameras are suitable for use in banks, farms and manufacturing plants.


Getting the best type of CCTV camera for you home, property and premise entail having peace of mind. The above types of CCTV cameras are constructed with unique and essential features that help in deterring criminal activities during any time of the day.